The Egyptians granted a divine character to Onion

Scientific name: Allium cepa
Like its cousin the shallot, the onion is Liliaceous.
Originative of Asia, it is appreciated gastronomically since thousands of years.
Extremely nutritive, it played a main function in the food industry for a long time, in spite of its high odor and its propensity to draw tears to those who peel it.
In old Egypt, the blue-collar workers of the Pyramids were onion large-scale consumers, as well as garlic.
It should be said that the Egyptians granted a divine character to onion and slipped about it into the sarcophagi, thinking that it made immortal…

And at present, the onion always has the favor of the French, with a pretty 8th place with the hit-parade of the most consumed vegetables.

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